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Mahoney Asset Management is a results-orientated team of professionals supported by a disciplined investment strategy dedicated to helping you achieve a comfortable retirement.
We will work to provide you with the highest quality retirement planning and portfolio management services.

We adhere to an investment philosophy that is precise and long-term. This approach is
combined with developing and maintaining a trusted relationship with you.

We use ‘state of the art’ technology and research from Morningstar. Morningstar, Inc.
is a leading provider of independent investment research in the United States and in
major international markets.

Morningstar is a trusted source for insightful information on stocks, mutual funds,
variable annuities, closed-end funds, exchange-traded funds, separate accounts,
hedge funds, and 529 college savings plans. With operations in 16 countries,
they currently provide data on more than 125,000 investment offerings worldwide.

Show Descriptions:

October 2019

10/6/19 – ‘Not Your Father’s Retirement’

Based on Ken’s book ‘Not Your Father’s Retirement’, Ken discusses his father’s retirement benefits and compares it to his own retirement plan. Ken highlights that the effort now lies with the employee in regards to individuals 401k’s and pension plans.

Ken chats about the multiple channels of income towards retirement and compares them to a stool, highlighting that you need 3 or 4 different ‘legs’ that help towards a successful retirement. Ken touches on the fact that ‘un-retiring’ is becoming increasingly popular as individuals get bored after they stop working and their life mirrors Groundhog Day!

10/27/19 – ’10 Things You Must Do Before You Retire: Chapters 1-4’

Ken introduces his next book, ‘10 Things You Must Do Before You Retire: Chapters 1-4’. He begins by telling listeners to take ‘inventory’ to summarize what assets and pieces of wealth we have. He reminds everyone to update beneficiaries and transfer on death because you just never know what may happen.

Accounting for inflation is a must, says Ken, and you have to take a step back to know what you really want to do, retirement is like a very long weekend! Protecting yourself through insurance is key, as is understanding taxes and your RMD from the IRS.

Chapter Titles 1-4:

  1. Know where you are…
  2. Where are you going?
  3. Have a purpose…
  4. Insurance Needs!


 November 2019

11/3/19 – ’10 Things You Must Do Before You Retire: Chapters 5-10’

Ken continues from last week’s show and focuses on Chapters 5-10 of his next book, ‘10 Things You Must Do Before You Retire’. He starts by highlighting the recent tax changes, so visiting your accountant in the near future is vital.

Ken tells listeners you never know what may happen, so to make sure estate and elderly care planning is in line, and to check this at least every 3 years. Ken discusses dollar cost averaging and how investment strategies can change over time. Your goals at age 35 will be different to those at age 65. Ken highlights that the market is unpredictable, as we saw in 2008, so asset allocation and rebalancing is important to a successful stable financial plan.

Ken concludes by making suggestions towards leaving a legacy, whether that be to children, non-profits.

Chapter Titles 5-10:

  1. Tax considerations
  2. Estate planning and elderly care
  3. Risks and rewards of the market
  4. Debt
  5. Invest
  6. Leave a legacy

11/10/19 – ‘Record’s a made to be broken!’

Ken delves into the recent market highs which come as a surprise following recent headlines which include the impeachment and the China trade war. Ken goes on to emphasize that the market really only cares about two things, interest rates and earnings!

There is always going to be a lot of ‘noise’ but focusing on interest rates and monetary policy is key to understanding these market highs. Ken highlights that Jerome Powell has a huge effect on the stock market and his Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde demeanor doesn’t help. Ken discusses how earnings continue to be strong and this money can go a long way as we have seen with record company buybacks.

11/17/19 – ‘The market continues to move higher, but why?’

Ken starts by telling listeners that it looks as though the market isn’t worried about the Trump Impeachment, he goes on to discuss that headlines can blind investors. Interest rates are low and earnings are high so this is why the market moves high.

Ken delves into fiscal and monetary policy, he explains what these policies are and how they are used to control the economy. Ken tells listeners the main guidelines investors should focus on, which include unemployment, interest rate and inflation.


11/24/19 – ‘Questions and answers’

Ken reviews questions that have been sent in to WHUD and the Mahoney Asset Management website. He breaks down the importance of beneficiaries and having a transfer on death document on file. Ken discusses the ‘middle-class millionaire’ group that many people fall into, he advises to spend wisely and invest correctly, money doesn’t grow on trees!

He ends with a question about contributing to your 401K, he advises to go through your credit card bill, check recurring expenses and see if there is anything you can live without. He suggests to try and find different channels of money to put into your 401K plan. As with every show, Ken advertises his book ‘Not Your Father’s Retirement’ for free to the first 20 callers.


12/08/19 – ‘Year End Tax Strategies’

Ken advises listeners to reach out to their tax professional before the end of the year, so that filing for April isn’t too painful. Ken highlights that looking into your contributions and taking out your minimum distributions is important to make sure you will not be penalized, and that you can pass assets onto your children.

Ken ends by telling listeners that beneficiaries are still required to take out the required minimum distributions as if they are 70 ½ and if your children are withdrawing the money to use it for something nice, a holiday or a home improvement!

12/15/19 – ‘How The Markets Work’

Ken discusses what makes the market tick, with ugly headlines such as the impeachment and the China trade war, we are still reaching new highs! This week, the Federal Reserve announced they would leave rates unchanged all the way through 2020, and this dovish move will help investors.

Ken goes on to emphasize the importance of interest rates, and if they are stable or getting lower this good for investors, but if they push higher to keep an eye on the market and see if the treasuries reach 9-10%, then consider reevaluating your portfolio. Ken ends by highlighting that company earnings are the second most important factor to the market, and that we have seen