Brooke Shields and Rhianna want to do your hair!

Hi it's Kacey, and I am SO grateful for my amazing hairdresser Tara and the new products she's always introducing me to.

After scrolling through People Magazine this morning, I can introduce Tara to a few new things!  Both Rhianna and Brooke have new lines to talk about.  I've abridged the stories for a quick read! 

***Brooke Shields Wants to Empower Women Over 40 with Her New Haircare Line: 'Scalp Health Is Sexy' (Exclusive) by Hedy Phlliips.

"When my hair looks good, it changes my whole day," Shields tells PEOPLE while chatting about her new brand, Commence The model and actress, 59, knows all too well, though, that as you get older, your hair changes — and so does your skin (including your scalp!). It was after having candid discussions with her Beginning Is Now community over the past few years and noticing that there was a gap in the market for haircare geared toward women over 40 that she realized that maybe she could be the one to fill it. So she did.

What came next was months of research, building a team, and in-depth conversations about what would eventually become Shields' very first brand: Commence, which is available to shop now. Specifically designed as a problem-solving haircare line for women over 40, Commence launched with three hero products to "address hair scalp health from the root all the way to the tip to really understand what's happening to hinder growth," Shields says.

  • 2-in-1 Instant Shampoo ($21): Designed to "extend time between washes," this powder is made with quaternized hyaluronic acid (HA in its smallest form) and rice powder. "The quaternized hyaluronic acid will feed dry areas of your scalp while the rice powder will absorb any excess oil," Knitowski says. "So it gives you more volume, it gives you better growth from the scalp outward, and it really makes your hair healthier. It's a proactive approach rather than a reactive approach."
  • 3-in-1 Leave-In Conditioner ($26): This has everything you need to add shine, tame frizz and increase softness in your strands. "[The product] doesn't weigh your hair down," Knitowski says. "It's very lightweight. It uses different coconut ingredients, including coconut fatty acids, which really smooths, softens and provides shine. It also really gives you this volume without [the hair] being weighed down."
  • Thickening Root Serum ($30): Created to treat the scalp so that the root grows into a healthy atmosphere, this serum is made with copper, magnesium, iron and zinc that have gone through a bio-fermentation process. "Our goal is that women, when they start using this, they're going to see an improvement right away," Knitowski says. "Every time they use it, [hair health will] just get better and better."

All of the products also have what the duo is calling the Commence Complex, which Knitowski says is a "combination of four different ingredients that really maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the product."

He adds, "All the formulas have less than 60% water. That's how much active is in here. Actives are anything that actually provide efficacy and nutrients. So unlike a lot of products where you have 85% water, none of these are above 60%, which is incredible."

Another piece of the Commence Complex is how it stabilizes scalp health, which is also how it keeps your hair healthy.

"It really creates that microbiome for your scalp to be healthier and start to engage in these ingredients so that it maximizes what they're there to do for your hair," he says. "This is what's at the core of every product."

***Rihanna Announces Launch of Fenty Hair Care Line with New Blonde Pixie Cut: Everything We Know

The singer shared that the line will focus on reparative formulas for every hair type  By Catherine Santino

Fenty Hair is (almost) here!

On Tuesday, June 4, Rihanna took to Instagram to share the news that her beauty empire is expanding into hair care — and it's coming soon. In a campaign video showcasing a variety of hair types and textures (including Rih's shaggy blonde pixie cut), the Fenty Beauty founder, 36, gives fans a sneak peek into her newest product line.

"A new family is moving in!" the star, 36, wrote in the caption. "@fentyhair is pullin up and it’s time to finally have the hair experience you’ve been waiting for."

The "Diamonds" singer went on to explain that Fenty Hair will focus on reparative formulas that work for all hair types.

"You know how much switching my hair up matters to me," she continued. "I’ve had almost every texture, color, length, from weaves to braids to natural — so I am launching a flexible line of products for not only every hair want, but every single product is designed to strengthen and repair all types of hair, which is what we truly need! It’s time to play and get stronger by the style 💁🏿‍♀️"

The singer has had her fair share of fabulous hair moments over the course of her career and in recent months, has been experimenting with different looks.

In the campaign for Fenty Beauty's new HydraVizor Tinted Moisturizer, Rihanna rocks a beachy honey-colored waves and piece-y bangs that drape over her eyes.

For launch event for Fenty's Soft’lit Naturally Luminous Longwear Foundation in April, the Grammy winner wore her newly blonde hair in a sleek, straight style with a dramatic side-part. Her hair color coordinated with her strapless pale yellow dress (not to mention the carpet and backdrop at the event).


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