WHUD’s Top 100.7 Songs of 2016

Another year has come and gone and now it is time to find out what song was the #1 song played in 2016 on 100.7 WHUD! 

  1. “EX’S AND OH’S”                                                                          ELLE KING
  2. “CAKE BY THE OCEAN”                                                                DNCE
  3. “CAN’T STOP THE FEELING”                                                      JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE
  4. “STITCHES”                                                                                  SHAWN MENDES
  5. “ONE CALL AWAY”                                                                      CHARLIE PUTH
  6. “JUST LIKE FIRE”                                                                          PINK
  7. “SEND MY LOVE (TO YOUR NEW LOVER)”                              ADELE
  8. “LET IT GO”                                                                                   JAMES BAY
  9. “SEVEN YEARS”                                                                             LUKAS GRAHAM
  10. “STAND BY YOU”                                                                         RACHEL PLATTEN
  11. “LOVE YOURSELF”                                                                      JUSTIN BIEBER
  12. “CHEAP THRILLS”                                                                       SIA
  13. “RENEGADES”                                                                            X-AMBASSADORS
  14. “BRAND NEW”                                                                           BEN RECTOR
  15. “CAN’T FEEL MY FACE”                                                             THE WEEKND
  16. “LIKE I’M GONNA LOSE YOU”                                                 TRAINOR/J.LEGEND
  17. “WILDEST DREAMS”                                                                 TAYLOR SWIFT
  18. “ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME”                                                 COLDPLAY
  19. “CHEERLEADER”                                                                         OMI
  20. “LOCKED AWAY”                                                                        CITY/A. LEVINE
  21. “PIECE BY PIECE”                                                                        KELLY CLARKSON
  22. “TREAT YOU BETTER”                                                                SHAWN MENDES
  23. “WHEN WE WERE YOUNG”                                                      ADELE
  24. “HELLO”                                                                                       ADELE
  25. “UNSTEADY”                                                                                X-AMBASSADORS
  26. “OVER AND OVER AGAIN”                                                        SKYES/A.GRANDE
  27. “SOMETHING IN THE WAY YOU MOVE”                                ELLIE GOULDING
  28. “SAME OLD LOVE”                                                                     SELENA GOMEZ
  29. “WE DON’T TALK ANYMORE”                                                  PUTH/S.GOMEZ
  30. “ON MY MIND”                                                                           ELLIE GOULDING
  31. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN”                                                            JUSTIN BIEBER
  32. “PIECES”                                                                                       ROB THOMAS
  33. “ELEVEN BLOCKS”                                                                      WRABEL
  34. “HYMN FOR THE WEEKEND”                                                    COLDPLAY/BEYONCE
  35. “LOOKING UP”                                                                            ELTON JOHN
  36. “LAY IT ALL ON ME”                                                                   RUDIMENTAL/E.SHEERAN
  37. “HOLD MY HAND”                                                                      JESSE GLYNNE
  38. “WHEREVER I GO”                                                                      ONE REPUBLIC
  39. “LOST BOY”                                                                                  RUTH B
  40. “SO ALIVE”                                                                                   GOO GOO DOLLS
  41. “YOU BELONG TO ME”                                                               BRYAN ADAMS
  42. “MAMA SAID”                                                                            LUKAS GRAHAM
  43. “HUMBLE AND KIND”                                                               TIM McGRAW
  44. “BROKEN”                                                                                   TRISHA YEARWOOD
  45. “NEW ROMANTICS”                                                                  TAYLOR SWIFT
  46. “THIS HOUSE IS NOT FOR SALE”                                             BON JOVI
  47. “I TOOK A PILL IN IBIZA”                                                           MIKE POSNER
  48. “DON’T WANNA KNOW”                                                          MAROON 5
  49. “CLOSER”                                                                                     CHAINSMOKERS/HALSEY
  50.  “CONFIDENT”                                                                              DEMI LAVATO
  51. “RISE”                                                                                          KATY PERRY
  52. “ SLEDGEHAMMER”                                                                 RIHANNA
  53. “BETTER PLACE”                                                                       RACHEL PLATTEN
  54. “CECELIA AND THE SATELLITES”                                            ANDREW McMAHON
  55. “MAKE ME LIKE YOU”                                                              GWEN STEFANI
  56. “NOBODY BUT ME”                                                                   MICHAEL BUBLE
  57. “CAN’T SLEEP LOVE”                                                                PENTATONIX
  58. “USED TO LOVE YOU”                                                               GWEN STEFANI
  59. “SHE SETS THE CITY ON FIRE”                                                  GAVIN DeGRAW
  60.    “OASIS”                                                                                       A GREAT BIG WORLD
  61. “HOLD BACK THE RIVER”                                                          JAMES BAY
  62. “KIDS”                                                                                          ONE REPUBLIC
  63. “OUT OF THE WOODS”                                                             TAYLOR SWIFT
  64. “NO”                                                                                             MEGHAN TRAINOR
  65. “HOLD EACH OTHER”                                                                A GREAT BIG WORLD
  66. “SAVE THE WORLD”                                                                  THE VILLAINS
  67. “H.O.L.Y.”                                                                                    FLORIDA – GEORGIA LINE
  68. “LOVE ME NOW”                                                                      JOHN LEGEND
  69. “PILLOWTALK”                                                                          ZAYN
  70. “SHE USED TO BE MINE”                                                         SARA BAREILLES
  71. “PLAY THAT SONG”                                                                  TRAIN
  72. “TIL IT HAPPENS TO YOU”                                                       LADY GAGA
  73. “CAN’T HELP FALLING IN LOVE”                                             HALEY REINHART
  74. “A GOOD HEART”                                                                      ELTON JOHN
  75. “SOMETIMES LOVE JUST AIN’T ENOUGH”                           RUSSELL WATSON
  76. “EVERYTHING”                                                                          BRIAN McKNIGHT
  77. “PERFECT ILLUSION”                                                                LADY GAGA
  78. “COLD WATER”                                                                         MAJOR LAZER/J.BIEBER
  79. “HOLD ON FOREVER”                                                               ROB THOMAS
  80. “BRAND  NEW DAY”                                                                 BRYAN ADAMS
  81. “THE MOMENT YOU WERE MINE”                                        ANNE COCHRAN
  82. “HELL NO”                                                                                  INGRID MICHAELSON
  83. “STAND IN THE LIGHT”                                                            JORDAN SMITH
  84. “CITY OF ANGELS”                                                                    KATHRYN DEAN
  85. “GRAVITY”                                                                                 JAVIER COLON
  86. “QUEEN OF SWORDS”                                                               IDINA MENZEL
  87. “ANOTHER LONELY NIGHT”                                                      ADAM LAMBERT
  88. “BE MY SIN”                                                                                 KATHRYN DEAN
  89. “WRITINGS ON THE WALL”                                                       SAM SMITH
  90. “IN THE NOW”                                                                             BARRY GIBB
  91. “SETTING THE WORLD ON FIRE”                                              CHESNEY/PINK
  92. “WHEN YOU LOVE SOMEONE”                                                 JAMES T.W.
  93. “DANCING ON MY OWN”                                                          CALUM SCOTT
  94. “WHAT WE LIVE FOR”                                                                AMERICAN AUTHORS
  95. “WATER UNDER THE BRIDGE”                                                  ADELE
  96. “WALKING ON A DREAM”                                                          EMPIRE OF THE SUN
  97. “TRUE COLORS”                                                                           TIMBERLAKE/A.KENDRICK
  98. “NEVERLAND”                                                                              ZENDAYA
  99. “SIT STILL, LOOK PRETTY”                                                          DAYA
  100. 7 “TRY EVERYTHING”                                                                  SHAKIRA