Name a New York radio station and Al Bernstein has probably been on the air there in his 40-plus year career working in the world’s greatest city.  Eight stations have asked Al to display his warm spontaneous and somewhat humorous remarks throughout the Tristate area.  Those many years have allowed Al to work with some all-time radio greats such as Dandy Dan Daniel, Ed Bear, and Allison Steele. During his tenure as an air personality Al was fortunate to be hired by legendary program directors Scott Muni and Frankie Crocker and have Robert Redford and James Cagney as listeners. Even Howard Stern has said on the air he wanted to be like Al when he grew up. Good thing he never grew up!

Al’s career has included voice overs for major record labels, and the national radio voice for The Montel Williams Show as well as producing a national radio show for ABC.

A native of Westchester he is more than proud to be on the number one station in the Hudson Valley, 100. WHUD!