WHUD Adopt A Pet

  100.7 WHUD is working with the SPCA of Westchester to try to find homes for pets that are at their shelter. Lately the SPCA is taking in more animals then ever and they are trying to find homes for them. That is why we will be featuring pets to adopt on this page.


If you have an interest in adopting a dog, CLICK HERE and download a “Canine Adoption Questionaire”. Complete it and then call 914-941-2896 and learn more at www.spca914.org .  to download a form to adopt a cat.

The SPCA was founded in 1883 and is one of the oldest charities in Westchester County, not to be mistaken with the more well-known ASPCA of New York City.

 The shelter receives no federal or state funding and relies solely on the public’s donations to keep the doors of the shelter open and to operator the Simpson Clinic, which offers the public low cost veterinary care.

 The SPCA is a no kill shelter and adopts over 1,000 dogs and cats a year into loving, forever homes!

The SPCA is the only animal welfare organization with a Humane Law Enforcement, which is responsible for dealing with all animal cruelty cases in Westchester County. On average, the SPCA Humane Enforcement is called 3,500 times a year to investigate animal related cases of abuse and neglect. The Humane Enforcement works closely with local ad state police agencies when dealing with Pit-Bull Fighting Rings uncovered in Westchester County.

You can also CLICK HERE for the SPCA petfinder page and a look at many of the animals they have ready for adoption.

 For more information, call 914-941-2896 or visit

www.spca914.org .