You have a chance to win $500 for “Best Costume” with the 100.7 WHUD’S Virtual Halloween Monster Mash with Mike & Kacey!  Celebrate Halloween anyway you’d like at any time between now and Halloween.  Submit a photo and description of you in your Halloween Costume for a chance to win $500 for best costume or one of two runner-up prizes of $250!  Submit your photo by Halloween for a chance to win!  The winners will be announced by Mike & Kacey on Tuesday, November 2nd!

Congratulations to our winners!

Grand Prize- Rachel Williams- Hand-Made Vincent VanGogh and his painting the Starry Night

Runner-Up- Angel Picciano- Hand-Made Anne Boleyn From Six the Musical

Runner-Up- Felicia Keesler- Alice in Wonderland. Alice, Hatter, Queen, White Rabbit. We made most of the props ourselves.

WHUD’s Mike & Kacey Virtual Halloween Monster Mash is brought to you by Phelps Hospital, where patient care and comfort come first!  They are a community of people caring for people.  Phelps Hospital-part of Northwell Health-powerful innovation, compassionate care!  Visit

Check back to see all of the entries! Photos will be updated continuously until Halloween!