John Tesh Radio Show



Already a figure in TV and the music industry, Tesh branched out to another
medium, radio. He started “The John Tesh Radio Show” in 2003 and has since
become one of the most listened-to voices on the air. The show has recently
won Tesh Radio Ink magazine’s Reader’s Poll for “Favorite Syndicated Radio
personality” and airs on about 280 stations nationwide.
“This show was created for my wife, (actress Connie Sellecca). She’s one of
those people where, you look at her side of the bed and see six issues of
Prevention magazine and five months of Oprah magazine . . . she never has time
to read any of that stuff. I wanted to serve her and everyone like her. I wanted
to create a radio program with purpose, a show that moves people forward in
their life.” John Tesh




This world is full of people who have dreams of playing Carnegie Hall, of running the marathon or owning their own business. Do they ever get to live out their dreams? The ones who understand how to live a life of power, passion and purpose do. In this uplifting and challenging book, John Tesh shares his own personal story of how he has applied certain principles to live a complete and passionate life. He will inspire you to find the deepest desire of your heart, create an action plan for pursuing your dreams, overcome crippling fears, and tap into the power of prayer.
Subjects include:
• Finding Your Passion
• Focusing and Simplifying
• Taking Care of Your Relationships
• Taking Care of Yourself
• Taking Care of Business
• Trusting God
But Intelligence for Your Life is more than a guide to informed living; it is also a memoir. Tesh shares his own story here, revealing the passions that have driven him and given shape to his extraordinary professional and personal life.