Meet the WHUD DJs – Susan Browning

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My radio obsession started when I hugged my little transistor every night, faithfully listening and mimicking the DJ’s on Houston radio – I always wondered why I heard so few women on the air and became determined to change that!

Music was always blasting in our house.  Between my Mom and siblings, I grew up glued to the radio and loved everything from Loretta Lynn to Eric Clapton, from James Brown to Deep Purple.  As a result, I learned to love and appreciate all types of music.

In my teens, I wanted to combine my love of music, sense of humor and desire to connect to people so of course I chose radio.  Just two weeks out of high school, I enrolled in broadcast training and shortly after, I got my first radio gig as producer at Metro Traffic in Houston.

I’ve worked mostly in NYC and Houston radio as a DJ with some stops in Louisiana and Connecticut.  Besides radio, I was the first female jock to spin at major dance clubs in Houston.


Working at WHUD is a blast and I get to play your requests with Night Rhythms – it’s a fun, upbeat, interactive show with your requests on the air, on the web, your smart speaker and your mobile device too!   Click on Request-A-Song, text to 87301 or call me to chat at 1-877-274-WHUD!