Stream Questions

How to listen to WHUD over the web:

If you are on a PC, JUST CLICK THIS LINK: A window will open and 100.7 WHUD will start playing.

If you want to listen on an internet connected device including your…

•  cell phone – iPhone, Droid, Tablet, iPod

Simply download our App HERE.

• To listen on another device such as:

•  internet enabled radio – Roku Soundbridge, Sonos, etc.

You’ll need this link:

Our stream is encoded in the aacPlusv1 format for the best sound possible.

If your device does not support our app, here are some additional suggestions:

This is a little more challenging. At this writing there are no free apps available. Berrytunes 2.5 works well but will set you back $20 or so. There is a free option that doesn’t require an app – you can listen through your Blackberry’s browser by visiting You have to create an account (free) then select stations (we’re there.) Then return with your Blackberry’s browser to listen.

As of the latest firmware updates, both platforms support aacPlus streams. Either create a preset using the above URL or search for us in their listings.

The latest versions of WinAmp and iTunes both support aacPlus. Again, use the above URL to listen (especially if you don’t want to have to come to our website everytime, or if you prefer to stream through WinAmp or iTunes.)

Another mobile solution is WunderRadio. This app has access to a huge range of streaming stations worldwide – including WHUD – but does have a nominal cost.

Before streaming on your internet connected device, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AN UNLIMITED DATA PLAN. This could get very expensive if not.


Finally, if you search WHUD on your phone’s browser, you’ll come to our mobile website which will save you from having to key in the above streaming URL – its already there as a clickable/copyable link.