Meet the WHUD DJs – Stephen E Roy


I’ll be brief.

Believe it or not, my original intention was to teach high school French.

But as luck would have it, I happened by the college campus radio station for an audition one day, the radio bug bit me, and here I am…

I remember hearing someone say many years ago, “Ya better love what ya do for a livin’; ‘cos you’re gonna be doin’ it for at least 40 years of yer life!” I paid attention to that. Someone else said,”It’s not work if you love what you do. Right on!

Between then and now, it’s been my good fortune to meet many terrific people and have a career in radio that I could only dream of when I started out. There have been a few stops along the way, one of them is WHUD. I love it. You should be as happy where you work as I am here.

If you’ve ever heard me and got something good out of it, then that makes me glad. I’m one of those people who likes as few filters as possible between myself and listeners, so reach out, write, call, email…but whatever you do…connect! I’m here…

Life is good.
I’ve got faith and a great family.
What’s better than this?
Who’s luckier than me?

Stephen E Roy

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