Meet the WHUD DJs – DeeMichele

My wonderful colleague, Andy Bale, once expressed a mutual sentiment: “Ah, radio! The gig is good.” Indeed it is. With close to a decade of broadcasting on WHUD, I’ve had the pleasure of hosting and filling in during various programming opportunities. It’s a pleasure to spend that time with you.

Count your blessings, don’t forget even the smallest one, and be a blessing to someone each and every day; is my signoff line at the end of my time with you. I say that because when I count my blessings I include broadcasting on WHUD. It’s my pleasure and privilege to join you for the ride home, your time at home or at work. I love it. I look forward to it, and the people I work with here are frankly, the most talented and gifted in New York. Keep your radio on, there’s always someone here playing one great song after another for you. Thanks for tuning in.

DeeMichele 🙂

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