Meet the WHUD DJs – Bob Barnum


Ever since the days of Musicradio WABC I have dreamed of being on the radio. Like many, I got my inspiration from people like Dan Ingram, Ron Lundy, and Harry Harrison, as well as Yankee announcers Frank Messer, Phil Rizzutto, and Bill White. I also remember listening to Joe O’Brien on WHUD, particularly to see if my school was closed when it snowed.  I’ve done many different jobs both on the air and behind the scenes for many different stations in New York and Connecticut, where  I’ve made so many great friends. In my spare time I enjoy cooking, watching baseball, and I’m a big science fiction geek. I also enjoy all kinds of music, from classical to rap. As an on-air personality or doing news it’s a huge privilege to be here at WHUD.