Dancing With The Stars To Host Taylor Swift Theme Night

As you might have known, we love us some Taylor Swift at this station. So when we heard that Dancing With The Stars would be having a Taylor Swift themed night, we just KNEW we had to share the news!!! 

Dancing With The Stars is a pretty unique (and iconic!!) show, catered to bringing together stars from all platforms to fight for the "disco ball" prize. Stars are paired with "pros" who help them through all types of dances, with the one shared goal of being the best of the best. The lineup for each season is always so exciting, with this years cast ranging from beloved stars such as: Alyson Hannigan Jason Mraz, Charity Lawson, Harry Jowsey, etc...And along with the exciting cast list, comes a never-failing list of themes.

With last nights theme being dedicated to the iconic Whitney Houston, the tears were rolling. But when it comes to Taylor Swift night next week (Tuesday, November 21st), fans from all over will be tuning in to see the stars and their take on some of the most popular and well-loved Taylor songs!! And to make the anticipation even higher...Taylor herself made a surprise (virtual) appearance, stating how excited she was for the night ahead of us next week. Check out this video to see her special message for the cast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6RsefyC9do

The show airs every Tuesday, live on Disney+. Start time is at 7/8c!! Make sure to tune in and vote for YOUR favorite dance, we for sure will. 

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