Meet the WHUD DJs – Susan Browning

My love of the airwaves started when I hugged my little transistor radio every night, faithfully listening to Walt Baby Love and Barry Kaye on Houston radio and trying to drown out my Mom’s incessant “Susan Gail, turn that radio off NOW and go to sleep!”  I always fell asleep with the radio on playing in my ear and learned every song, mimicked the jocks, and annoyed my family with my constant patter, essentially training for my future career.

Music was always blasting in our house.  Between my Mom and older siblings, I grew up glued to the stereo and loved everything from Loretta Lynn to Frank Sinatra, from James Brown to Black Sabbath, it was all good!

In my teens, I wanted to combine my love of music, sense of humor and desire to connect to people so of course I chose radio.  Well, more like it chose ME.  Just two weeks out of high school (I allotted myself 14 days of complete debauchery),  I enrolled in broadcast training and 2 months later I got my first radio gig as producer at Metro Traffic when it was a start-up!

Moved to NY in ’89 and I’ve been a jock at WPDH (rock), WYNY (country), WLIR/WDRE (alternative), SONY Satellite (smooth jazz), WFAS (love songs!), WNEW (classic rock), and WRKI and WEFX (also classic rocks).  In addition, I’ve had several stints as a traffic reporter for Metro Networks/NY on radio and Westchester News 12, and doing traffic/weather for Q104, ‘KTU and WALK.

I’ve worked mainly in Houston and New York radio with some stops in Louisiana and Connecticut.  In Houston, classic country (KIKK), Top 40 (KYST) and heavy metal (ZROCK).  Besides radio, I was the first female jock to spin at major dance clubs in Houston including Fizz, 6400 and Cooters.

I’ve been chosen to take care of you in the evenings with Night Rhythms – it’s a fun, upbeat, interactive show with your requests on the air, on the web and on your mobile device too!  Click on Request-A-Song, text to 87301 or call me to chat at 1-877-274-WHUD!