Susan Browning

Saturday 7:00PM - 12 Midnight

My love of the airwaves started when I hugged my little transistor radio every night, faithfully listening to Walt Baby Love, Beau Weaver, and Barry Kaye on Houston radio and trying to drown out my Mom's incessant "Susan, turn that radio off NOW and go to sleep!"  I always fell asleep with the radio on (and gum in my mouth, which is why I had weird choppy hair in all my school pix-sorry Clare!) and begged Mom daily for transistor batteries.  I learned every song, mimicked the jocks, and annoyed my family with my constant chatter, not knowing that one day that annoyance would turn into a great career.

Music was constantly playing in our house.  Between my Mom and older siblings, I grew up glued to the stereo and loved everything from Loretta Lynn to Frank Sinatra , from James Brown to Black Sabbath.  We were highly competitive in zinging each other, making up jokes, playing tricks and in general, being mischievous and trying to make each other laugh when you weren't supposed to laugh.  (Again, sorry Clare!)   It was the perfect breeding ground for a comedienne.

In my teens, I wanted to combine my intense love of music, wacky sense of humor and need to reach out and connect to people and try to make them forget about their troubles, even for a moment, so of course I chose radio.  Well, more like it chose ME.  I couldn't wait to get out of high school and start my career. Just two weeks out of high school (I allotted myself 14 days of complete debauchery),  I enrolled in a broadcast training school in Houston and 2 months later, I got my first job in radio as a producer at Metro Traffic Networks in Houston.

From there, I've worked mostly in Houston and New York.  In Houston, a variety of formats:  classic country (KIKK), Top 40 (KYST) and heavy metal (Z-ROCK).  Besides radio, I was the first female jock to spin at major dance clubs in Houston including Cooter's, Fizz, and 6400.   

In 1989, I met a great guy in Houston and moved to New York to take my career to the next level.  First meeting for a radio gig? Tom Furci at WVIP, and he hired me on the spot...kudos to Mr. Furci for having good taste!  ;-)  Tom makes the joke that I sent him my heavy metal demo (It was the most recent!) and came into the meeting with white cowboy boots, a pinstripe suit and a hearty Texas twang.  (I still have the boots but dropped the twang long ago, much to the happiness of all my Program Directors.)   

From there I've been a jock at WPDH (rock), WYNY (country), WLIR/WDRE (alternative), SONY Satellite (smooth jazz), WFAS (love songs!), WNEW (classic rock), and WRKI and WEFX (also classic rocks).  In addition, I've had several stints as a traffic reporter for Metro Networks on radio and Westchester News 12, and doing traffic/weather for Q104, 'KTU and WALK.

Somehow, I got into being a hotel Concierge in Manhattan (not really a leap from radio, I'm chatting all day entertaining people and leave 'em laughing) and supplement that "civilian job" with my real career, radio.  I'm happy to be the "Queen O' Saturday Night" for WHUD and celebrate my 3rd anniversary very soon.  
Wow!  With all this experience and amazing ratings, I should get a raise!  (Or else, I might revert back to my cowgirl boots and Texas twang and start saying "Hey ya'll when I crack the mic!)

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