Mary DeSilva
Weekends/News Fill-in

Quoting the great Bill Cosby, "I started out as a child." I was born in Japan at the US Naval base in Yokosuka and raised mostly in New York.  I used to play 45's on my portable record player for my friends when I was in elementary school.  I didn't like the silence between the record changes so I started talking between songs.  Little did I know I was training myself to be a DJ. Fast forward to college - One look inside the air studio and I was hooked.  Two years into college, I received a call from a friend working on air in CT.  He tipped me off to an opening and shortly after, I had my first pro radio gig. After years of radio in Fairfield County, CT, I hit the Westchester County airwaves in September of 2000.  I am honored to now be part of the WHUD radio family, connecting with listener friends and working alongside the finest and friendliest radio personalities in Westchester and the Hudson Valley.

It's good to finally be home!

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