Jed Taylor


Thanks for dropping by!!! I'm a part-timer here at the station and you clicked on me!!

Did I ever tell you, you're the best?

WHO IS JED TAYLOR? - Ever since I was 6 years old I knew I wanted to be on the radio. I used to listen to my transistor radio in bed to the old time DJ's of the 60's like Ron Lundy, Dan Ingram and Chuck Leonard on the old WABC AM station out of New York City. (Those were the days). Those guys always made me feel happy and life was just one big happy music family. After listening all those years and practicing on my own radio tape player, I began to take it very seriously and wanted to broadcast the humor, warmth and friendship of the old radio DJ's to my own generation of listeners.

Music has always played a major role in my life and The Beatles, The Clash and U2 have been very influential in my life, I thank them all for talking to me through their words and music all of these years. THANK GOODNESS for these bands!! John and George, I miss you both!!

I'm always up for a Tom Hanks, Mel Gibson, Chris Farley or a Steve McQueen movie or I can always make time for Julia Roberts, Demi Moore and Lisa Kudrow.

I started in College Radio in 1980 and got my first full time professional show as the youngest ever-afternoon drive DJ at WNLK in Norwalk Ct in 1983. (I can't believe it's been 20 years). My radio travels have taken me to New London ct, Waterbury ct, Ridgefield ct, Mt Kisco, NY, Patterson, NY (WHEW!!!) I moved many times during this period of my life but I really learned how to be a professional and ultimately met my wife (Who was a groupie) don't tell her I told you!

I am so thankful and honored that WHUD hired me. It was always a dream and dreams do come true. The professional broadcasting people here at the Hudson Valleys Music station have been nothing but supportive and have let me grow as a personality which I thank them for. There is nothing more supportive than your station management supporting your growth as a personality on the air.

On the personal side, I've been married to Mary (The groupie) since 1986 and have a daughter Danielle and we live in Patterson NY. We all love music, movies, sports and New York City.

My other passion is Sports; I am a Yankee season ticket holder so look for me on TV or when you're at the Greatest Sports Ballpark in the world. "Yankee Stadium." I still can't believe Derek Jeter made that flip toss throw against the A's in the 2001 playoffs WOW!!!

Stay great, Stay straight, keep hoping and keep coping and remember: "Were one but were not the same, we get to carry each other."

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